Grand Junction Airshow 2012 - # - jcas
I posted this over at the US Navy's TAC DEMO Page too, thought the Boys and Girls of VFA-106 "The Gladiators" (the east Coast's F/A-18 Fleet Replacement Squadron and home of the F/A-18 Flight Demonstration Team) would get a kick out it. (A thanks goes to Ken Schoeni for a couple of the stills of my "Yard Sale")... Here's the story...

While photographing the Grand Junction Airshow Practice on Friday for Tailhook, I thought I'd try my hand at a little videography. As you will see... that didn't work out too well...

"Neon" and "Rooney" are the crew for the first "go". Their crew chief directed them out for what was to be a "Right Turn Out"... Woulda been fine with me... What none of us expected was the 170 degree right turn! As I was filming, I realized in a classic "Ahhhhh Craaaap" moment that the Blowers were about to point right at me, just as the "Need for Speed" - (Taxi Speed anyway) came upon the crew. Lemme tell ya, that zephyr is hot! And quite gusty!

I maintained my stance amazingly enough (well, I took a knee actually!), but the VIP folding chairs behind me got blasted all over the Grand Junction Apron! Oh and so did the rest of my camera gear including 2 lenses that happened to be sitting on one of the now "Gone With the Wind" chairs!

The video captures (amateur as it is...) the initial taxi, the turn , and then some stills of the after... The video concludes with stills from the debrief where 'Neon' and 'Rooney' are told of the carnage.

Ah well, the hazards of Naval Aviation! Enjoy :-) — at Grand Junction Air Show.